Swami Raj Dass Ji

A pious soul, the young saint swami Raj Dass Ji Maharaj is born in Kalimpong, the hilly area of Darjeeling (W. Bangal).Even he was young ,he showed a precocious mind and keen memory. He practiced meditation from a early age and that’s why he got ‘Tartam Diksha’ by guru ji shri 108 Mangal Dass ji maharaj ;at the age of 5 years. In 1977 he came with Vatsalya Murti maharaj shri Dayal Dass ji ; the founder father of bal Sewa Ashram , to Kaimri, Hisar (Haryana). A child with extraordinary intellect and qualities he did his M.A.( Sanskrit ) from kurukshetra university,Kurukshetra . He learnt the Epics ,Vedant-darshan and shri mad –Bhagwat mahapuran and a good story teller. He is an all rounder while at school, he was good at studies, as well as in games and other various cultural programs .He also studied instrumental and vocal music in early age. 
He wishes to retain their high moral and spiritual idealism. Brough up in this kind of environment ; he had strong indication towards spiritualism . He devots few years in the compny of shri 108 Sadanand ji maharaj , the renowed name of Pranami panth to learnt the art of Sri Mad- bhagwat Katha vachan and Bhagwat dharma .With the God grace and blessing of his gurus he had deliverd over 100 Bhagwat kathas at various states of India and abroad . 
During his kathas and satsangs he not only gives the massage of self – realization and god attainment but also inspires the youth to social work and patriotism. 
Round face ,curly hair ,broad forehead with sound body ;he is blessed with sweet voice and inspiring personality ------ this simple lifestyle can easily inspire any body .’Shrota’ (listeners) are compel to dance when Swami ji sing in his sweet voice .everything seems to be mismerise by his voice. 
At very young age he is called father by little orphans at ashram and swami ji fully devoted to realize their dreams. He wishes that India should creat a new social order and civilization by combining her best spiritual traditions with the latest advancement .He is not only doing social work but also creating a social revolution by his noble works. 

At present he is the co-ordinator of Bal Sewa Ashram, with his Father guru and under his supervision the Ashram reaches to a new hights. May God bless us with his guidance and supervision to make our human birth noble and pious by ‘Satsang’ and “Satya-karma”.