Though in 1974 from a little Kutiya Bal Sewa Ashram turns into an Ashram only because of its working members co-operation and contribution. Now it is family and its members are through out the country. 
You can also become the member of its family by our contribution mentioned below 
You can donate your contribution to Shri Krisna Pranami Manav Sewa Trust, Hisar (Haryana) Through check /DD / Money order in favour of Shri Krishan Pranami Manav Sewa Trust Payable at Hisar. 
For more Information contact us: 

Ramesh Pranami (Office Incharge)
S.K.P. Manav Sewa Trust 
Kaimri Road, Amardeep Colony, Hisar-125001 
Haryana (India) 
Phone: 09416244912, 09996680357 
Your donations will be spent for the following purposes:
  • Health care for poor and needy (Orphan Children)
  • Education for poor and needy
  • Gau Shala (Cattle care)
  • Providing food for Poor and needy
  • Spiritual awareness programmes
  • Yoga & Naturopathy programmes
  • Computer Education for poor Children
  • Completion for the various fixed project

There are such members who are now known as the parents of some boys or girls adopted by them in the ashram. Bal Sewa Ashram never allow the adopted of child to leave the ashram because they are the family member of this ashram and their father never part with their children. But by adopting them in the ashram you will be a blessed by the god for such a great and noble work. Your little help will help such child to realize his dream. He/She will be blessed with that relationship, which is the first relationship on the earth.