Vatsalya Murti shri Dayal Dass ji Maharaj

Loving soul shri Dayal Dass ji maharaj is born is country area of Haryana ,in village,Kaimri in 1948. His childhood name was Dariya Singh. Father shri Bhadar Singh ji was a simple peasant and mother was a pious and spiritual lady. Her name was shrimati Anachi Devi. His Uncle shri Maniram ji used to “Satsang” and shri Dayal Dass ji very early in his childhood went with his Uncle in Satsang daily. Soon the innocent mind and pure heart filled with holy thoughts, virtues and love for the God. 
Once Shri Radhikadass ji maharaj, the holy man of pranami –panth visited the Kaimri and deliverd his holy massage of divine love and spiritual in- lightment. Dayal Dass ji was also among the listener. He was so impressed and motivated by holy thought that at the age of 18 he left all wordly comfort and relations and took to monartic life under the guidance and supervision of his guru; he attaind self realization. He went to Kalimpong and motivated by guruji shri 108 Mangal Dass ji maharaj. By the inspiration of shri Radhikadass ji maharaj, he came back to his native land Kaimri, with a little child Raj Dass in 1976, who at the present is the young saint of Pranami –panth. The coordination of Bal Sewa Ashram this journey started from Kalimpong is still continuous in the way of upliftment and welfare of orphan children. 
He started his “karma-yog” and built a kutiya (cottage) with the help of shri radhikadass ji maharaj. but in long ran he gets cooperation from every side and more than 35 years it in providing its beneficial service to the society. 

It is not less than a miracles that a boy becomes the spiritual guru of his native land. he has strong belive to “Tum sewa se paoge paar” and serving the children he is worshiping the god himself. This fourm will be continuous with its scared motives and objectives for ever.