An Appeal

Though Bal Sewa Ashram is devoted by body, soul and mind to this noble cause but such a constructive and noble work and a mission cannot be full filled with out the contribution of noble and kind hearted fellow. So all gods men are humbly requested to come forward and give your possible contribution to realize the dream of every child living in the ashram. 
Serving our loves ones is our duty but doing a little to serve those who are deprived of the most beautiful relationship on this earth, would be our great afford or sat borm to our own soul, which will impart you great self satisfaction and a feeding of nobility. 
This Bal Sewa Ashram requested to humble request those who can not fulfill their duty doesnt matter, but kindly dont throw the infant in bushes dustbins, at bus stand etc. Instead of such creel act you will be blessed if send them to Bal Sewa Ashram.  

Its moral duty of every Bhartiye to help such unfortunate infant.