Training Activities

  • Mental Training
  • Physical Training.
Mental Training are as
  1. Spiritual Training:- Children are given sanskaran, knowledge of scriptures and training of meditation in early life under the supervision of Swami Ji himself every day early morning.
  2. Prayers:- Every morning at 5.00 a.m. and every evening 5.30p.m., there are mass prayers. All students, brahamacharis, other in mates and guests join in and begin and end their day in losship.
  3. Meditation:- Meditation is a part of life for every body here. Every morning and evening after prayers 1 hour is dedicated to meditation so that pure thoughts will be the part of daily life. Self realization and positive and Gods attainment is possible in those day only by meditation.
  4. Knowledge of Bharatiye culture:- Bhartiye vedas, upnished and other religious scriptures knowledge are imparted to the children. by the swami Raj Dass ji himself in the temple premises, so that they can know and understand the great Indian culture and knowledge regarding life.
Only Education opens the various ways through darkness to light. It is the at most need of a human being. By education they should known themselves and the world world by exploring their hidden talents and creativity. For this purpose every child above of 3 years go to schools. After completing their schools education, they go to colleges or various training institutes like I.T.I., Engineering etc. 
Physical Training are as 
  1. Health :- As the sound mind lives in bound body, a centre namely Shri Shri Krishan Pranami Yog Evm Prakritik Chikitsa Sansthan is established to impart physical exercises, Yoga and naturopathy training to keep them fit and five.
  2. Sports :- To teach every students unity, discipline, courage and team spirit modern and tradition sports are a part of children life in ashram, many children are participates at the state and national level in various games and get silver and gold medals.