Shri Krishan Parnami Bal Sewa Ashram is situated at village Kaimri, in Hisar district of Haryana. Haryana the place which is known as Haris Aana, the place where lord Shri Krishna had given the holy updesha of Geeta; is 170 k.m. far from Delhi, the capital of India. 

In 1974 Shri Krishan Parnami Bal Sewa Ashram, was only a Kutiya-(Hut) but now in 2009 with the grace of lord Krishna it becomes an Ashram with a shrine, covering the areas of 6 Acres. It is surrounded by lush green trees and beautiful harvesting fields, in the lap of nature, completely free from all kinds of pollution; a holy place for meditation and good deeds. 
Though mother is known as Gods supreme gift to mankind. But Swami Dayal Dass Ji Maharaj; the founder father of this Ashram has attered this philosophy. Being a male, he is a father with boundless love and atmost care, nurishes his children and make them a man in real sense. 
Dayal Dass Ji, Like the combination of shiva and shakti (Aardhnareshver) has both the caring hands of a father and loving heart of a mother; cultivates his children into a sensitive social being. Guru Maharaj ji, for whom every child in the creation of his All mighty, showere his love and affection on them limitless. 
Bharat Bhoomi, the only place where lord Himself desended in the form of Krishna, who was given birth by Devkima and brought up by yashoda ma, it is an inhuman act to allow little Krishans (orphanges) and Yashoda (old parents) to be in distress. with regarding such views and understanding that only a shetter like Ashram can spread the seeds of kindness and humanity by giving a new life to orphan and new hopes to hope less like old parents, the project of BAL SEWA ASHARAM came into its true existence in 1974. 
Since 1974 more than 100 children deprived of mainstream of the society and parental love had developed a new look at life, after getting the loving lap of their father and guru, Shri Dayal Dass Ji Maharaj; a vatsalya murti.