What is Bal Sewa Ashram

Bal Sewa Ashram is the neucleas of several welfare services . This delightful ashram complex established since last 36 years has :-
  • Family for orphaned children.
  • Shelter for Gau Mata.
  • Temple for every body.
  • Orphanage home for Boys & Girls.
  • The office block for administration, account keeping etc.
  • The residential accommodation for students (orphanage),bramhacharis, sadhak and guests (approx.-55 rooms with modern amenties)
  • Old – age home.
  • The modern kitchen complex with a specious dining hall.
  • The well stocked refrence liberary /reading room.
  • Computer room(5,computers)
  • Goushala (cow-shed)
As its name suggests, Bal Sewa Ashram, is an ashram, which provides family to the orphangers (children deprived of a family and parents). It is a family for all those who are deprived of fathers care and mothers love and affection. What so ever may be the reason which compu the parents to leave a little child alone in this vast land. Without mothers breast who can not live for even a single moment how can live alone without any shelter and caring one. There is neither any reason nor any cause which could be so harsh that an infact has to suffer with out any fault. some if these comes from the hospitals left unknown. Many a times dustbins, bushes, garbages, wildrevess become a little child shelter, when they are left alone by this own parents or mother, next to the God; the creator of this universe. But Why? 
Why they suffer for those fault which is not done by them. They havent done any thing injustice in this world and their innocent eyes dont know difference between good or bad and love and hate are bound to bear the mark of orphan. Such orphanages who are left by their own biological parents or their relatives; welcomed here open armed and they become the member of such a family where there is no discrimination of cast, creed, color or religion. 
Being the member of this family they are the only loving children of God. For Guru Ji Maharaj; every child is the creation of God and by serving them he is serving the God. 
All live in the ashram like brother and sisters. Since 1974 till today more than 100 children have been settled in the main stream of the society by the Ashram. 
Some of them are doctors, players, teachers and so on. Still at the present 60 Children are getting such a healthy environment that they are sharping their minds by education and Sanskara to face the world in a new look at life. 

It is also a home for old aged parents, who after completing their all duties for their love one, are now considered as burden by their own children. But here they are welcomed as the pillars of this Ashram. Again they get that atmosphere in which their experiences and knowledge help the little one to grow their grand parents.